Grey Argyle Flannel Pajama Bottoms

$75.00 $30.00

These elastic waistband pajama pants have been on the drawing board for quite a while.  We tested and tested them to make sure we'd made the most comfortable pair of pajama pants you could find.  They feature a flat front free of buttons or strings, pockets and a wide elastic band does not restrict or bind you, but rather fits gently and comfortably around your waist.  The length has been designed to not drag on the floor as you walk and the fabric overall will move with you, not constrict or get tangled up. Lounge around the house, lay in bed, even go to pick up the kids from school, run errands or go to the gym… it'll be our secret how much you love your new pajama pants from Comfy J's!


100% Cotton
Made in the USA
Machine Wash Cold
Tumble Dry Low


Made in the USA.